eloa prod

Created by two producers, both from Metropolitan France and the French Caribbean islands and therefore Citizens of the World, ELOA PROD has for main ambition the development of projects that put forward, amongst other values, a Diversity which lacks representation.

Its purpose is to help authors, new talents and experienced scriptwriters that have come from a Diaspora widely present in France to express themselves through personal or universal projects, but also to help film directors in their first steps, giving them confidence and the means to get going.

Since its creation, ELOA PROD has welcomed a great number of scriptwriters, technicians, directors and actors from various horizons, and attempts to make the paths of the experienced scriptwriters cross those of the beginners. What is more logical and normal than to transmit and help the Younger generation to take over and accept the transmission from the experienced!

Its policy is first of all to welcome subjects relating to mixed cultural origins, so as to put forward on screens the mixing of cultures, ideas, genres and people, to value this mosaic, multicultural and plural France. Secondly to develop popular and universal entertainment programs, for all ages and genres. We are also committed to historical, political and “activist” subjects because the mission of television and cinema is also about reflection and information...

This open-minded approach to ambitious projects that do not only have Paris as a setting give us the opportunity of showing another France, might it be the Réunion, the French Caribbean islands, French Guyana, or the French Overseas territories, which remain generally unknown if not portrayed in a stereotypical or caricatured way. An openness that also reveals the richness of the French-speaking world across Africa, the Maghreb and Quebec, in both their diversity and extent...

We cherish, with no pretention, yet with simplicity and optimism, the hope of maintaining this project for as long as possible thanks to our perception and respect of the Other which is crucial to us.

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